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A Dance With Dragons by *Rozefire

Ahaha!! If only…

Let’s just replace all the Daario bits with this, k?

I second this! Party!dragons are so much cooler than blue-haired guys.

(via duncan-doughnuts)

George RR Martin on fans guessing plot lines correctly

"But what do you do then? Do you change it and come with something goofy and outlandish that you haven’t led the…? haven’t done the foreshadowing for…? that you haven’t laid the foundation for…? just in order to surprise people…?

I mean, sure I could have aliens come down, and that would certainly surprise the hell out of everybody. No one has predicted that, but it would ruin the series…”

~George RR Martin, 6 Aug 2011

Oh jabs at Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. bahahahaha.

Google interview with George RR Martin on the concept of changing plot lines based on internet speculation.

Game of Thrones Theme with lyrics