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A caterpillar knows not what he will become, yet a butterfly knows what he once was.

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When I got these messages I nearly cried because I felt so bad for her. 

And people still wonder why I’m very Anti-Brony. 

Its seriously shit like this that makes me want to vomit every time I see a Brony related thing.

Because, Bronies have no fucking feels for people other than themselves and their precious ‘fandom’.

Seriously, FUCK BRONIES.

This is so important.

Listen, what you do for funsies is your own business, but have the sense to LOCK IT UP.

This. This, this, THIS.

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I had to put them all together because they’re so awesome!

I wish this was a sequel movie

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This phone call. I can’t even.

Walt: No one makes me bleed my own blood, bitch

Well that explains the flash back with the crazy neighbor,

Skylar, not the cops. Stahp.

Skylar is going to murder Marie.

Payday 2 Farming Made Easy - 2 minute runs, no escape!

In this Payday 2 Ultimate Loot Farming Guide we take a look at an easy way to farm money, experience, and cards in around 2 minutes or so with no escape mission. Since the update that added escape missions farming on Ukrainian Job has been essentially busted, here is a new way to satisfy your loot hungry sweet tooth.

Unlike Ukrainian Job, which requires you to have a high level item (C4), this farming method requires nothing more than a level 2 character. Any level 2 character can complete four stores quickly by merely opening an ATM with an ECM jammer. Be sure that you are spotted when doing this and you have an easy way to use quick stealth skills to farm. If an ATM does not spawn in the convenience store just restart the game. If you plan on restarting this means this method is easier in single player offline mode.